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Everything You Need to Know About Sending a Postcard from Japan

Sending postcards from Japan to your loved ones is simple with KKday's guide.

Sending postcards from Japan to your loved ones is simple with KKday‘s guide. On top of the regular postcards, you can find limited edition Gotochi postcards all over Japan! Both design and postage costs differ from the usual ones. If you like to keep track of your travels in the form of postcards, don’t miss out on this!

Kitte Complex, Tokyo
Kitte Complex, Tokyo (IQRemix)

Speaking of postcards, do drop by KITTE (keet-tay), which means “postage stamp” in Japanese. Located in front of Tokyo Train Station, the shopping mall incorporates elements of the 1933 Tokyo Central Post Office building. A favourite spot among the locals, the six storey high mall, houses hundreds of restaurants and boutiques, as well as a roof-top garden.

Every set of themed postcard differs, and comes with a short description of the iconic building/designation together with its date of launch on the back. All prefectures carry their own specific prefecture postcard which can’t be bought elsewhere.

The cost of sending a postcard from Japan to Singapore is approximately 70yen (SGD 0.85). You can purchase a stamp at the post office or get one at Lawson, 7-11, FamilyMart or any convenience stores.

Do note that irregular shaped postcards require a 120yen stamp. You can also send your postcard in an envelope at an additional cost of 50yen to prevent any bends or damages.

Postcards are not only affordable, it makes a great souvenir especially if you are travelling on a low budget. What better way to keep track of your travels and spend all your spare change on?

For more exciting activities in Tokyo:
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