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Please Don’t Travel With Your Mom Without These Tips!

Carnations for Mother's Day
Carnations for Mother’s Day (Flickr/ Elizabeth McClay)

Are you planning to bring your mom aboard this Mother’s Day but stressing over your itinerary? Whether you choose to follow a tour or go free and easy, this Mother’s Day gift requires meticulous planning. No worries! KKday prepared a list of travel hacks for you – here’s how you can create the best travel experience for your mom!

Where should you bring your mom?

When travelling with your mom, don’t go on a backpacking trip or visit hipster destinations like you would with your friends. Of course, like snowflakes, no mom is the same. Prior to the trip, you should understand your mom’s personality – does she prefer hiking or shopping? Colder climate or warmer countries? If you’re completely clueless, a popular tourist destination will be a safe choice.

Follow a tour or go free and easy?

Travelling in a tour
Travelling in a tour (Flickr/ daveynin)

Before making your decision, ask yourself if either of you familiar with the destination you chose. With the free and easy route, you can go whenever you want to and even enjoy the feeling of getting lost but your mom might not feel the same way. Have you ever raised your hands in defeat, shouting, “Stop asking already lah! How will I know?!” That may just happen on your trip if Google Maps fails you at a critical moment overseas.

Travelling with your mom means compromising; for a free and easy trip, prepare to be her tour guide so do some homework if you’re unfamiliar with the destination. Otherwise, choose the easy way out and follow a professional tour guide.

What to take note of on the trip?

  • A comprehensive itinerary
A tourguide that came prepared with photo illustration
A tourguide that came prepared with photo illustration (Flickr/ Garry Knight)

Let’s see… What are some common questions moms love to ask overseas? “Where are we?” “This one famous ah?” “How long more do we have to walk?” “Why so expensive?!” These incessant questions may annoy you but most moms don’t mean any harm – they are merely baffled, especially for moms who are seldom out of our sunny island.

To avoid this problem, brief your mom before the trip. Let her know where are you headed and make sure she fully understands the itinerary. Gently remind her little details about the trip everyday before departure and show her that you’ve done your research meticulously so that she wouldn’t worry so much.

  • Prepare back-up plans


Always have an alternative
Always have an alternative (Flickr/ duncan c)

The cafe in your itinerary has ceased operation or the attraction you wish to visit is closed due to bad weather conditions? No problem! That is if you’re travelling solo. With your mom, you can expect to eat the “must-eats”, visit all tourist attractions and sleep when the sun sets.

To avoid any disappointment, make sure the places your mom wants to visit are opened and prepare back-up plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. It’s a rare opportunity for your mom to be out without worrying about housework so maximise that time and bring her wherever she wants to go!

  • Don’t walk for too long


Always remember the limit
Always remember the limit (Flickr/ Ian Britton)

Although this is the most important point, it’s also commonly overlooked. You may cram your itinerary with activities because you’re excited to explore a new land but remember that your mom is not as young and strong as she used to be – too much walking might be strenuous for her.

Of course, it’s not just walking – any form of travelling, be it by boat, ferry or airplane, can wear your mom out. Depending on your mom’s age, she might not be suitable for long periods of sitting down or standing up so road trips may be a bad idea. Prepare medicines for motion sickness if you really have to take long car rides.

Don’t neglect your mom’s body clock too! What time does she usually wake up and sleep at home? Your itinerary should not differ too much from her usual routine. Also, if she has a habit of taking naps, a jam-packed travel schedule in the afternoon is a bad idea.

  • Toilets


Do your research on toilets at various attractions
Do your research on toilets at various attractions (Flickr/ SmartSign)

The older you are, the weaker your bladder; your mom may need the toilet more frequently than you do. Point the toilets out to her upon reaching any attraction, and remind her to use the toilet before leaving anywhere.

  • Spurge on your mom


Prepare enough cash for your mom!
Prepare enough cash for your mom! Flickr/ Pictures of Money

“Aiyo, so expensive!” “Buy already maybe I also won’t use…”

Moms have one universal trait – they are willing to spend on their kids but not on themselves. Complete the perfect Mother’s Day gift by going all out to pamper yo ur mom. If you catch her hesitating before purchasing something, make the decision for her. It doesn’t hurt to spoil your mom once in a while!

  • Don’t hotel-hop


Try to stay in one hotel the whole duration
Try to stay in one hotel the whole duration (Flickr/ Unique Properties (UP))

It’s okay to move around hotels to enjoy the cheapest rates when you’re traveling alone and all you need is a shelter over your head. However, when travelling with your mom, you should pick a hotel nearer to the train station so that she doesn’t need to lug her heavy luggage around. For the same reason, try to stay in the same hotel throughout your trip or for at least two nights, if moving around is necessary.

  • Take more photos!


Document moments of your trip in your camera
Document moments of your trip in your camera (Flickr/ Damgood AVLien)

When travelling alone, we sometimes prefer appreciating the scenery to spamming photos on our cameras but most people underestimate the importance of photo-taking on a trip. How else is your mom going to remember every moment of this special trip you prepared for her?

After taking photos for and with your mom, help her Photoshop it (trust me, every photo will be accompanied by your mom’s “I look so fat!” comments) before uploading it on her Facebook account so that she can show off to her friends. In this age of technology, if it’s not online, it didn’t happen. Therefore, remember to take more photos of your mom. The view may be beautiful but she’s even more beautiful, after all, she’s the protagonist of the trip!

All prepared for an overseas trip with your mom but have nowhere to go? KKday shows you 7 places you can bring your mom to this Mother’s Day!

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