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10 Things You Must Buy in Thailand

Whether you're looking for snacks, cosmetics or clothes, you'll be spoilt for choice in Thailand. KKday brings you 10 things you have to buy!

“There’s a lot to buy in Thailand because everything’s very cheap!” I bet this statement has been repeated so many times that you hear until sian. To be fair, whether you’re looking for snacks, cosmetics or clothes, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Thailand. It is indeed a shopping paradise, but what if you have limited luggage space? KKday brings you 10 things you have to buy in Thailand.

 #10 Tao Kae Noi seaweed

On the packaging of this delicious goodness known as Tao Kae Noi, you’ll notice a mascot dressed in Chinese cheongsam. Upon opening, you’ll be greeted with the lightly salted, crispy seaweed. Let us warn you – once you start you won’t be able to stop!

#9 Handcrafted Thai tea

If you’re huge fan of Thai milk tea (seriously, tell me who isn’t!), remember to bring home a tub of handcrafted Thai tea because it’s the secret behind that authentic-tasting beverage! 30g of this handcrafted Thai tea, coupled with hot water, ice, condensed milk creates a sweet orange concoction that takes your taste buds back to Thailand.

#8 Koh-Kae peanuts

A hot favourite amongst tourists, Koh-Kae is a crunchy peanut tidbit accompanied by special flavored seasoning ranging from typical flavours like chicken, shrimp, Thai chili to special favours like coconut milk and coffee. Although heaty, this snack is incredibly difficult to resist!

#7 Poy Sian nasal inhaler

Using popular Thai herbs, be it stuffy nose, serious allergy problems or that you’re simply feeling lethargic, a stick of Poy Sian Nasal Inhaler can solve it for you! Priced at only 20 bahts, it’s definitely cheaper than any inhaler you can find in Singapore. This lightweight and easy to carry product is the perfect souvenirs to bring back for your family and friends.

#6 Durex condom

This one’s NC16. Although Durex is readily available in Singapore, it’s way cheaper in Thailand at only 45 baht. Coming in a variety of flavours (hmm?), this product is something you can buy to keep. After all, it’s a basic necessity, right? 😏

#5 BKK Original bags

Take any turn in Thailand and I guarantee you will bump into several ladies holding this bag. Coming in all designs imaginable ranging from solid colours to wild patterns, no matter how picky you are, there’s bound to be one BKK Original bag that suits your taste. The chains even come in several options like gold, silver and black gold! Be it as a cosmetic pouch or a clutch for your ladies night out, this bag is highly versatile. Priced only at less than SGD $8 each, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t grab a few of these home.

#4 Blue Elephant spice

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Known as Thailand‘s best restaurant, in addition to serving authentic royal Thai cuisine, Blue Elephant gives cooking classes to those who are not satisfied with having food served to them on a plate. Sometimes skills isn’t everything – you’ll need secret ingredients as well and in this case, the essence of Thai cuisine are Blue Elephant‘s spices!

#3 Fisherman’s Friend lozenges

I’m sure you’ve heard of Fisherman’s Friend. Founded in UK in 1865, you can easily find these lozenges at any convenience stores in more than 100 countries around the world, including Thailand. At only 36 baht, you can find a myriad of flavours like the mint, lemon and spicy mandarin (so classic of Thailand to spice up everything!). Keep a few packets of Fisherman’s Friend with you at all times and stock up before you return to Singapore!

#2 Lays

Eh? Isn’t it just potato chips that we have in Singapore as well? You can’t be more wrong! Sure, Thailand is famous for its street food but its amazing selection of flavours when it comes to potato chips is often overlooked. Spicy Seafood, Spicy Chili Squid, Bacon and Cheese with Seaweed, Sweet Basil and River Shrimp with Condiments are just some of the special flavours they offer. Photos of the Lays smile campaign you’ve seen floating around the Internet? They originated from the Land of Smiles!

#1 Pocky

Again, Pocky is something we have in Singapore but Thailand does it better, as always. Whether you’re a fan of the usual strawberry and chocolate flavours or you prefer to trying unique flavours like banana, lychee milk, blueberry milk, mango etc., Thailand has it all, and at a cheaper price too! The fragrant crispy biscuit paired with a variety of flavours to suit your taste buds, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you shouldn’t return home without a carton of Pocky in your luggage!

This list could go on forever because there are just too many things to buy in Thailand! How can we forget Thailand’s herbal ball, butterfly bag, MAMA noodles, durian milk candy etc. But don’t fret if you missed out any of our “Must Buy” items, what’s most important is if you had fun!

Looking for more things to buy in Thailand? KKday has some lobang for you.

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