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4 Best Travel Destinations for Your Dad and You This Father’s Day

Travel Destinations For This Father’s Day (farrago510)

Are you a fan of “Superman Returns” – a popular Korean reality show featuring five celebrity dads taking care of their kids for 48 hours while their wives take some time off? While we’re still mourning over Choo Sung Hoon’s departure from the show, we can’t help but wonder what if the roles are reversed? Where will you bring your dad to make the best of his 48 hours? Not to worry, we won’t put you under the stress – KKday brings you 4 best travel destinations you can bring your dad to during Father’s Day weekend!

1. Unwind in Hakone

Hakone, Tokyo (Flickr/ Richard, enjoy my life!)

If you’re bringing your dad overseas, forget mainstream places – go for a trip in Hakone! Hot springs, private Lake Ashi lake, boat tours, relaxing strolls, marveling at Mt. Fuji, picking strawberries and even visiting open-air art galleries – there’s so much to do Hakone!

Located not far from Tokyo, doing off with the crowd but with the same convenient transport options, Hakone has its own distinctive charm. Away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, this is where you can hold long overdue heart-to-heart talks with your dad.

2. Get closer to Mother Nature in Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Farm in Taiwan (Flickr/ 又齊)

After a hearty breakfast, explore the vast greenery, breathe in fresh air and take photos with the adorable animals. However, the highlight of Cingjing Farm is definitely watching the sunset and admiring the Milky Way in the farm’s unpolluted skies. This is definitely how Mother Nature should be enjoyed and this trip might be what your dad needs to slow down and escape from years of mundane office life!

Pssst, if you haven’t been to Cingjing Farm, it might be difficult to navigate your way there – don’t forget to book shuttle transport in advance to avoid any displeasure from getting lost. After all, this trip is for your dad and you to loosen up, not panic over losing your way.

3. An adventure in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s is rich with culture and tradition (Flickr/ Kelvin Chang)

If your dad is a cultural lover, he’ll be delighted to indulge in the rich cultural history of Chiang Mai while going on a jungle adventure. Plan a full day of escapade for your dad, beginning your day with an elephant show before going trekking with those smart and artistic animals before ending your day by ziplining across the jungle you trekked in! This Jungle Flight is an experience thrill seekers can’t miss!

4. A tour in our little red dot

Singapore’s Universal Studios

Okay, we get that it’s hard enough to bid for leave June holidays, what more Father’s Day weekend. If you can’t get enough time off, closer to home, our little island has lots to offer as well! From the world’s largest oceanarium to Southeast Asia’s first Universal Studios as well as the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals, there are many places of interests you can bring your dad to although we’re just a dot on the world map.

With over 40 experiences waiting for you to uncover with your dad, where should you bring your dad to this Father’s Day?

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