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3 Things You Must Do to Complete Your Ultimate Italy Experience

There are loads more undiscovered wonders of Italy other than just the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Here are three things you must experience to complete your trip to Italy.


When Italy is mentioned, many immediately think of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan Cathedral, Venetian gondolas, the Last Supper, Roman arena and the likes. However, there are loads more undiscovered wonders of Italy other than the mentioned tourist attractions! Here are three things you must experience to complete your trip to Italy!

1. Have fun in a Ferrari

Ferrari racing cars in Italy

Who hasn’t heard of Ferrari? A well-known Italian car dealing manufacturer, Ferrari is known for their high-performance sports car – a dream car for many. If you are a huge fan of Ferrari, you must visit the Northern Italian Ferrari headquarters. Not only can you explore the wind tunnel detection engine, listen to the “roar” of Ferrari on tracks and take a yard professional tour; you can also enjoy a personal Ferrari car experience by driving it!

>> Ferrari Full day tour

2. #Throwback to 1930: Experience sitting in a vintage car

Vintage cars in Italy (Wine, wedding and more)

If sports cars are too mainstream for you, here’s an another interesting way of travelling around in Italy — in classic retro cars! Go back in time to the good ol’ days of black and white film with a classic retro car, and explore Rome in a different perspective.

Revel in the grandeur of Italy’s renowned landmarks (Joyce Hong)

Whether it’s the iconic Arch of Constantine, Peter’s Square or Colosseum, you will not miss any of these while moving around in the vintage car. In fact, this will spice up your Roman holiday as you’re able to preserve memories of the beautiful landmarks by taking photographs in your unique vehicle.

>> Veteran car tour of Prague
>> Horses and vineyards – Horseback riding in Tuscany

3. Foodies Paradise

Italy is every foodie’s paradise (J Mark Hodds)

When in Italy, you must try some local cuisine. Be it spaghetti, pizza, ham, cheese or even Gelato on a hot day, their cuisine will definitely make your mouth water! After trying all their local cuisine, why not learn to cook your favourite dishes to recreate them on your own back home?

Italy’s bustling markets (Nicolas Moya)

Following the locals to the market for your ingredients is definitely a unique way of experiencing the local market and their way of living.

Once you’ve gotten all your ingredients, follow the chef and learn how to make a simple delicacy! From purchasing the freshest ingredients from the market to cooking your own food in Rome, there’s probably no better way to enjoy an Italian gourmet feast.


>> Exclusive cooking lesson
>> A day in Florence from Rome
>> Frascati wine tasting tour

Now you know more than just the common attractions tourists normally visit, you can play tour guide and share the ultimate Italy experience with your family and friends!

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