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5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With Taiwan

When the Portuguese sailors first set their foot on the shores of Taiwan a long time ago, they named it “Ilha Formosa”, also known as Beautiful Island. Fast forward 500 years later, Taiwan is now considered to be one of Asia’s most underrated destinations. We fell in love with this exotic hidden gem in East Asia known for its immensely rich cultural and spiritual heritage, mouth-watering food, world-class hot-springs and breath-taking sceneries and here are five reasons you will too!

1. Air Tickets
There are an array of airlines traveling between Singapore and Taiwan
Taiwan air tickets (memos to the future)
It’s all about the money, money, money ~
With so many budget airlines to pick from, you can book a two-way ticket to Taiwan for less than SGD350! If you’re worried about the timing of the flights between Singapore and Taiwan, fret not – there are many airlines flying between both countries thus creating numerous timings for you to choose from.
2. Never Worry About Going Hungry
We know how the saying goes – you pay for what you get. However, in Taiwan, you’ll be getting more than what you pay for!
Taiwan offers a range of local delicacies and street food
Braised Pork Rice in Taiwan (CNN)


Oyster mee sua is a popular dish in Taiwan
Oyster Mee Sua in Taiwan (Food Republik)
Brace yourself for the mountains of food piling in front of you because the Taiwanese are known for their generosity. Just when you think they are done with your orders, they will be coming to check if you need second servings!
Try authentic Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea in Taiwan
Bubble Milk Tea in Taiwan (Taiwan Cooking)
With the amount of milk they pour into your milk tea, the amount of sashimi piling on top of your don-buri and unlimited ice cream, you’ll be wondering how are they making a profit!
3. Convenience Stores
True to their name, they do indeed bring convenience to customers! In fact, Taiwan has the most convenient convenience stores in the world!
Convenience stores in Taiwan offers an array of food for locals and tourists alike
Convenience stores in Taiwan (hcm88)
Taiwan’s convenience stores are like their braised pork rice, you keep longing for them even though it’s so common. No idea what to have for your breakfast, lunch and dinner? A sudden craving for tiramisu, fruit boxes, snacks or sushi but don’t want to spend a fortune in restaurants? Worry not; the convenience stores have everything you need and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.
Aside from satisfying your tummy, Taiwan’s convenience stores also provide a huge array of services ranging from dry cleaning, train and concert ticket reservations and mail drop-off.
4. Made (cheaply) in Taiwan
When in Taiwan, buy Taiwan products. Forget about buying anything else made outside of Taiwan.
Visit Ximending, Shilin night market, Wufenpu for cheap clothings
Shopping districts in Taiwan (countryhop)


Take a walk along Ximending, Shilin night market, Wufenpu or any stores along the streets and you are bound to find apparels, shoes, creative small ornaments and accessories that are definitely worth your purchase.
With the quality of their clothes comparable to Japanese and Korean brands, Taiwanese brands takes the cake for offering high quality products at an affordable price.
5. Beautiful Traditional Culture
Descendants of the country’s inhabitants are made up of immigrants from China, Japan and Spain. With so many people from diversified places and backgrounds, Taiwan is sure to amaze you with the variety of things as well as their rich historical background with a multifaceted culture.
The rich cultural heritage of Taiwan  (Airbitz)


Prepare to immerse yourself in the abundance of rich and diversified culture, street food and cheap thrills for there is no other place like Taiwan!

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