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6 Must-Buy Korean Snacks That You Can Find in Singapore

Lotte Mart, where most Koreans go for their grocery shopping, is one of the best places to get Korean since the local mart is usually conveniently located within the subway buildings. But what if you need to satisfy your cravings but can’t find time to travel to Korea? KKday got you covered! Here are 6 snacks you can find in Singapore that tourists try to get their hands on in Korea, by hook or by crook.

1. Banana Milk

Flickr/ Republic of Korea

It is common to find banana milk everywhere in Korea from convenience stores to supermarkets, but did you know that this popular drink comes in other flavours like strawberry, melon and even a lite version (low fat) for health-lovers? A new coffee flavoured milk was recently launched for caffeine addicts too.


2. Market O Chocolate Brownie

Photo credit: Flickr/ gap somin

This is one item you should stock up on when you are in Korea — these bite-sized brownies are packed individually and they are the perfect size for a snack.

3. Tteokbokki crackers

Photo credit: Tumblr

The tteokbokki cracker has a nice spicy kick to it. Slightly glazed with a sticky texture, this snack comes with a nice crunch unlike the usual rice cakes, although some may find it a little too sweet for their liking.

4. Goraebab (Korean Crackers)

Photo credit: Pinterest

Goraebab is a Korean cracker which comes in shapes of different sea creatures like fishes, squids, whales etc. If you are a fan of peppery snacks, you should get your hands on their spicy flavour.

Photo credit: Jocelyneatsandcooks

5. Crab Rice Crackers

Photo credit: Seriouseats

This packet of little crab-shaped rice crackers is the cutest of the lot and trust us, you wouldn’t bear to eat it. It has a faint fishy shrimp taste that gets more addictive as you continue munching on it. Give the spicy flavour a shot if you need the extra oomph!

6. Crown Butter Waffles

Photo credit: CrownButter

Crown Butter waffles are the best crisp waffles you can get your hands on! A buttery taste best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee as an afternoon snack, this snack is everything you can ever ask for. A word of warning though, you won’t be able to stop munching away after your first bite!

Photo credit: StyleKorean
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