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4 Interesting Hot Springs in Japan You Have to Check Out

It's common for people to take a dip in sulphur or milk, but what about a huge tub of green tea or red wine?

Nyuto Onsen

It’s common for people to take a dip in sulphur or milk, but what about a huge tub of green tea or red wine? Don’t fancy the idea of soaking in beverages? How about with monkeys? Trust the Japanese to come up with the craziest spas! My my. Read on as we show you four interesting hot springs in Japan, they’re definitely worth your time!

1. Hakone Kowakien

Wine bath in Kowakien Spa (Izu-Sakuraya)

Kowakien Spa is a unique spa in Japan that allows you to request for a different hot spring for each time you’re there. Ask for the wine bath when at Kowakien Spa to act like a rich snob for a day. France isn’t the only nation to know how to enjoy wine — if anything, the Japanese does it better!

Health junkies may consider tea or coffee spas — let your skin drink up the good stuffs because both are said to be high in antioxidants. Have a sweet tooth? Off to the chocolate spa!

Coffee bath in Kowakien Spa (Japan Kuru)

You don’t have to travel all the way to Israel, Jordan or Palestine to experience what it’s like to swim in the Dead Sea; presenting to you the Dead Sea Bath — just remember to not accidentally have a taste of the water!

2. Ginzan Onsen

To fans of Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi (Spirited Away), you’re probably no stranger to this onsen.

Ginzan onsen (ume-y)

Ginzan means silver mountain and located along Ginzan River is a quaint little onsen town. Other than participating the obvious activity, onsen, you can get spirited away while you take a stroll around — the entire area feels like a movie scene from a Japanese period adventure film. Careful, you might stumble across the silver mine discovered 500 years ago, or you might just find discover a silver mine on your own.

Ginzan onsen (ume-y)

Be awed by the onsen‘s architecture as they feature a graceful line of three and four storey wooden inns, situated on both sides of Ginzan River. It feels so much like olden Japan, you shouldn’t even be surprised if you bump into a samurai or geisha.

3. Nyuto Onsen

Nyuto onsen (Isriya Paireepairit)

Now, if you have an old soul (like us at KKday), you’ll go gaga over Nyuto Onsen. Seated deep within the mountains, Nyuto Onsen is one of Japan‘s most traditional and rustic hot spring bath — a fantastic escape if you’re looking to detach yourself from the busy city life. (Run away from your boss who’s hot on your heels for deadlines, he’ll never find you here.)

Nyuto onsen (Flickr / Akita)

Covering a huge land area and blessed by mother nature with natural onsen water, Nyuto Onsen is known for its milk-like water that offers various healing properties like lowering blood pressure, antioxidants and anti-aging. Women, are you listening? Forgo your skincare products and go for a hot spring bath in Japan instead!

Forget your worldly troubles and take a good soak while you’re here to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It feels almost as if someone breathed life into you — yes, hot springs can be THAT miraculous.

4. Shibu Onsen

Ah yes, another traditional onsen for the old souls. REJOICE. If Ginzan Onsen feels like ancient Japan and Nyuto Onsen being buried deep in the mountains, is there any other hot springs you need to visit to complete your Japan trip? Welcome Shibu Onsen — a combination of Ginzan Onsen and Nyuto Onsen. /celebrates in Japanese/

(Shibu Onsen)

With a long history spanning over 1300 years, Shibu Onsen has seen many customers come and go, including famous priests, samurai and poets. Rumour has it that good fortune comes to those who visit all nine bathhouse in Shibu Onsen, so why not take this opportunity to explore all nine bathhouses while at the same time rake up some good karma?

Monkeys taking a dip in Shibu onsen (The Nippon Newfie)

Visitors are strongly encouraged to roam the area with their yukata. Monkeys from the neighbouring forest may drop by for a quick dip with you if they’re curious about what you’re doing, however, it only happens if you’re really, really lucky because the monkeys have their own bath at the nearby Jigokudani Monkey Park. Don’t be alarmed when you see them joining you, play it cool. They are, after all, humans’ distant relative.

If you’re planning a visit to any onsen, remember to never rush. The Japanese treat their onsen sessions seriously and dipping in an onsen is all about purification — you want to be properly cleansed before rushing out, right?

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