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6 Handy Tips For Paris Budget Travellers

Ahhh, the City of Love. Other than the renown Eiffel Tower, what else is Paris known for?

Ahhh, the City of Love.

Other than the renown Eiffel Tower, what else is Paris known for? Every bit of Paris, from plane tickets to accommodation, can be painfully expensive, deeming this city an unreachable goal for fresh graduates looking for a grad trip destination.

Find out how you can save money and skip queues while fulfilling your Paris graduation trip dream! Following these advices, you might soon be on your way to the City of Lights too!

#1 Internet: Speed Data SIM card

In today’s day and age, internet access is every traveller’s number one priority. Let’s all admit it, wifi is a necessity—almost comparable to oxygen. This is especially so for solo travellers, who wish to stay connected with their family and friends, and update their social media accounts. The best place to get a SIM card is to book it online prior to your trip, ensuring that you’ll get your connection as soon as you step out of the plane.

>> High Speed Europe Prepaid SIM card

#2 Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) / Orly Airport


After you get connected to your wifi, that’s when your first test starts. Trying to figure how to get to the city from the airport can leave you lost and confused as the directions and information are mostly in French. To avoid this whole situation, opt for a Paris airport shuttle service instead. This is especially great for solo travellers with a poor sense of direction (*raises hands discretely*) or for trips with large groups of family or friends.

(Patrick Gaudin)

Airport shuttle services are definitely necessary if you aren’t fluent in French, because you may take a wrong transport and end up lost while attempting to get to your destination. Paris airport transfer saves you the horror of things that could possibly go wrong.

>> Paris Shared Arrival/ Departure Transfer: Charles de Gaulle Airport

#3 Sightseeing tour bus around Paris attractions

Transportation is terribly complicated in Paris — getting from point A to B may require you to take flights of stairs, and several more turns before making a transfer. A good alternative to solve all inconveniences is to simply take the Big Bus Paris.

You can get either a one-day or two-day pass to go around Paris and to check out the major attractions. If this is your first trip to Paris, you’ll be glad to know that Big Bus Tour’s stops include Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Orsay Museum and more.

>> Get your Big Bus Paris pass online 

#4 Seine River Cruise

(James Whitesmith)

Experience a different side of Paris on Seine River Cruise; besides appreciating the beautiful scenery of Paris, you can even feel romance and love in the air. Get your tickets online — it’s way cheaper plus you get to skip the queues!

>> Seine Cruise (KKday Special Price)

#5 Louvre Museum

Pretty sure you’ve heard that one of the must visit places in Paris is The Louvre. Not only is it the largest museum in the world, The Louvre is also a monument in Paris.

Even if you aren’t an artsy-fartsy person, you’ll definitely know Mona Lisa, situated in The Louvre. Tourists all over the world flock to The Louvre for a glimpse of Mona Lisa. On a regular day, you may have to queue over two hours to purchase an admission ticket into Louvre. To save your time, be smart and beat the queue by getting your tickets to The Louvre online.

>> Visit Louvre Museum with Audioguide or Live Guide

#6 Paris Museum Pass

(Anne Landois-Favret)

If The Louvre is on your itinerary because you’d like to experience Paris’ culture, how does a Paris Museum package sound? If museum hopping is your thing, rejoice!

This Paris museum pass allows you to enter a whopping 60 museums in Paris, saving you lots of precious time queuing for tickets, and only at 35 euros (that’s almost SGD $60!).

>> Paris Museum Pass

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