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What to Buy From Hokkaido: 7 Famous Food to Bring Back as Souvenirs

Here are the 7 most popular food from Hokkaido that tourists love to bring back for their family and friends.

Buying souvenirs can be a huge chore with the amount of quirky items Japan offers, so most of the time we end up buying food items home. This is especially so in Hokkaido, which is famous for its Hokkaido milk.

To lessen your burden of having to crack your brains or scour the Internet for souvenirs, here are the 7 most popular food from Hokkaido that tourists love to bring back for their family and friends.

1. Cheese Pudding (from Kinotoya)


With its long queues speaking for itself, Kinotoya’s Cheese Pudding‘s popularity is undeniable.

Kinotoya’s Cheese Pudding is richly flavoured with fragrant Hokkaido milk. It comes in packs of four or six, and in three different flavours — cream cheese, strawberry and soya milk. Can’t make up your mind on which flavour to get? Our suggestion: ALL of them!

2. Cheese Tarts (from Kinotoya, BAKE)

(Norio NAKAYAMA Follow)

Are you a big fan of cheese? As crazy as we are about cheese-flavoured items, ain’t nobody got time to queue an hour for Kinotoya’s BAKE Cheese Tarts at ION Orchard. If you’re in Hokkaido, be sure to go get the real deal instead!

(Norio NAKAYAMA Follow)

A golden crunchy, crumbly crust with cheese stuffing, it’s not hard to understand Singaporean’s craze for Kinotoya’s BAKE Cheese Tarts, especially if you’re a cheese lover.

3. White Cake (from Ishiya)

(Shiroi Koibito Park)

Who can forget Ishiya Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido? Not only is Ishiya’s White Cake photogenic, bringing out minimalistic-lover in you (flat lay, anyone?), the cream sponge cake is amazingly soft and fluffy, and best paired with a cup of tea.

Tip: bring an Ishiya’s White Cake to a family gathering and it’ll be snapped up within seconds, leaving your nosy relatives no time to ask when are you getting married.

4. Marron Coron (from Amatou)


Amatou’s Marron Coron is a biscuit made of 3 layers and coated with chocolate. It comes in a variety of flavours like cheese, almonds, cacao and walnut. Said to be Hokkaido‘s national snack, it’s been 50 years since Japan started selling Marron Coron and they remain popular among both locals and tourists. Remember to try out the different flavours if you’re adventurous enough!

5. Freeze-Dried Strawberries Coated in White Chocolate (from Rokkatei)

(Hokkaido Food Library)

Who would have known that chocolates and strawberries could make up such a flawless combination? The slight sourness from the strawberries blends perfectly with sweetness from the rich chocolate coating, resulting in a perfect, interesting flavour. Freeze-dried strawberries adds a crunch to the original flavour as well!

These freeze-dried strawberries comes coated in two types of chocolate — black or white. We recommend the freeze-dried strawberries coated in white chocolate because it brings out the best taste of Hokkaido milk, making it a perfect souvenir gift.

6. Rokka (from Rokkatei) — liqueur candy


Beautiful intricate designs on the packaging, Rokkatei’s Rokka is the most appropriate gift for your alcoholic family and friends! You’ll be greeted by six bright colours upon unwrapping Rokkatei’s Rokka, each representing a different flavour — wine, brandy, plum liquor, peppermint, cointreau, haskap. Pop one liqueur candy into your mouth and feel the liqueur flow out of the candy. Mhmm, yummy.

7. Double Fromage (from LeTAO)


Hands up if you’re still craving for cheese! LeTAO’s Double Fromage is a double-layered cheesecake: a cheesy treat of dense, baked cheesecake covered by Castella cake crumbs. Other than the typical Double Fromage cheese flavour, we highly recommend the green tea and chocolate flavour as well.

Looking at photos of these snacks are enough to make us drool. Yum! Can’t wait to get packing now? Remember to pack light so you can bring home more souvenirs for your family and friends.

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