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The Hottest Korean Beauty Trends: Here’s Where To Get The Look In Singapore [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]

Korean beauty is all about the idea of 'less is more'. From milky white skin to a-doll-rable lashes, here's how and where you can attain the hottest Korean beauty fads in Singapore.

Dewy and porcelain-like skin is a huge beauty trend in Korea
(DFW Beauty Guide)

Korean beauty is all about the idea of ‘less is more’. The fresh-faced and effortless visage are driving the crowds crazy in South Korea, and the #iwokeuplikethis looks probably never fitted anywhere else better than in this context. From milky white skin to a-doll-rable lashes, here’s how and where you can attain the hottest Korean beauty fads in Singapore.



1. Flawless, Radiant Skin
Radiant and flawless skin (Soneytown)


Koreans are obsessed with their skincare. From water-infused creams to dewy BB cushion compacts, girls — and boys alike — are sweeping cosmetic stores in hopes of achieving porcelain-like skin. Have you seen how Korean stars seem to always have their skin look effortlessly seamless even with the most unflattering close-up angles?

Koreans believe that beautiful skin radiates from within, and clear skin simply does not happen from bombarding beauty creams on the surface. To target skin problems from deep under, regular visits to a professional esthetician is essential. Just like visiting a dentist for a deeper cleanse for your teeth, your skin requires similar, constant pampering.

Drop by Whoo Spa, the best spa in Seoul, while on your holiday for a revitalising skincare therapy session. You can choose from a vide variety of services such as facial cleanses, gel masks, head and leg massages, making Whoo Spa perfect for weary travellers.

HKC Plaza Korea Skin Aesthetic offers the best Korean skincare treatments
Korean beauty emphasises on skincare (Organic Passion)

An alternative closer to home, HKC Plaza Korea Skin Aesthetic in Singapore offers its customers with only the best Korean skincare treatments and products that promises clinical effectiveness. Their dermatologists and estheticians are highly trained in the expertise of Korean skincare; so just know that you’re en route to achieving goddess-like skin equivalent to Song Hye Kyo’s.

1. 583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall, #02-11, Singapore 238884
2. 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Beauteous Boutique, #02-29, Singapore 082001

2. Long, Dolly Lashes

Lashes are a significant facial feature
Long, Dolly-like Lashes (SMTOWN Youtube)

Lashes are a significant facial feature that helps to accentuate and draw attention to our eyes. And eyes are windows to the soul — why else would women spend millions on falsies and mascaras every year? Contrary to American beauty, Koreans like their lashes au naturale and non-dramatic. Doll-like lashes are extremely sought after in South Korea as they suggest femininity and innocence.

Highbrow specialises in natural-looking lash extension services
Koreans prefer natural-looking lashes (SMTOWN Youtube)

To bring a lovelier version of Mr. Snuffleupagus to life, Highbrow offers Korean cirrus lash extension; a method where their beauticians adheres 3 to 6 lashes on a single lash root, creating a voluminous yet natural lash line.

13 Stamford Road, #B2-16, Capitol Piazza City Hall, Singapore 178905

Now that you’ve got your beautiful Korean lashes, go bat at your eyelashes at your significant other with a couple photoshoot at Jeju Island, known for being an picturesque wedding photography locations with newlyweds.

3. Straight, Soft-Edged, and Thick Brows

Straight brows are huge in trend in Korea
The Korean trend for straight brows (Pinterest)

Koreans can’t seem to get enough of straight brows, and we understand why. Eyebrows frames your face and depending on how your eyebrows are shaped, they can largely influence the vibes you exude. Straight and soft-looking brows screams youth, and that is exactly what Koreans adore.

If you weren’t blessed with dense and luxurious brows, don’t fret. Besides providing state-of-the-art lash extension services, Highbrow specialises in brow services as well; semi-permanent brows are now yours to stay with Highbrow‘s Korean Brow Enliven treatment. Bid your sparse brows annyeong as k-perfect brows are now here to stay!

13 Stamford Road, #B2-16, Capitol Piazza City Hall, Singapore 178905

Got your eyebrows on k-fleek? Now, go explore Petite France and Namiseom Island on a day tour along with a Gangchon Rail Bike experience to relive your favourite Korean drama moments.

4. C-Curls/S-Curls Hairstyle

Korean C-curl and S-curl perms are a popular beauty trend in Korea
Korean S-Curls Perm (Pinterest)

Ever wondered how Korean women rock wavy hair so effortlessly? The secret lies in the beauty of Korean perms. Unlike typical perms, Korean C-curl/S-curl perming features feminine and soft curls that emphasises on natural locks.

C-curls consists of inward curls towards the hair ends, thus framing the face and complementing almost any face shape. S-curls are better suited for long hair as tighter twirls are implemented to create more volume.

Aqua Korean Hair Salon offers Korean C-curl and S-curl perm
Korean C-Curl Perm (


Your best bet in achieving beautiful Korean C-curl or S-curls is at Aqua Korean Hair Salon. The hair parlour’s expertise lies in Korean hairdos, and for those who are looking for dye jobs before Chinese New Year, Aqua Korean Hair Salon provides a range of exciting and vibrant colours to match up with your favourite k-pop idols!

402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #03-16, Singapore 238876

Test the strength of your Korean perm against South Korea’s first wooden roller coaster in Everland Theme Park, South Korea’s biggest theme park.

5. Minimalist Manicure

Glass nails are a popular trend in Korea
Glass nails manicure (iLyke)

The Korean manicure swears by its nude bases and minimalistic designs. Often teamed with geometric patterns and tons of negative space, the Korean manicure exudes a sophisticated air to it. One such example is the glass nail. A harmonious mix between cellophane and negative space, the glass nail is a gorgeous holographic manicure trend that took Korea by storm.

You can get your glass nails at Iputa Nails in Singapore. Founded by a talented Korean manicurist, Iputa Nails brings Singaporeans the trendiest nail designs from Korea. Alternatively, you may request for your own designs to cater to your own personality and style.

14 Scotts Road #03-75 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Show off your newly manicured nails on Instagram, but not before completing your photo with your very own unique custom made rings made in Korea, bound to make you the subject of envy amongst your followers.


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