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Top Things To Do At Pattaya For A Great Weekend Escapade From The City

To the east of the Gulf of Thailand lies Pattaya, a charming resort city that is dazzling with some of the world's best nightlife and shopping.

To the east of the Gulf of Thailand lies Pattaya, a charming resort city that is dazzling with some of the world’s best nightlife and shopping. Pattaya was only a modest fishing village back in the 1960s, but the small town has since developed into one of the world’s best cities that never sleeps! While Pattaya may be famed for its exuberant nightlife, the city is way more than just a one trick pony. Here’s what the resort city has to offer for an awesome weekend getaway.

1. Hit the Beaches

Pattaya Beach (Anneliese Phillips)

Pattaya has an abundance of superb beaches that caters to different travellers. Whether you’re a beach bum looking for a quick unwind or a thrill-seeker searching for your next adrenaline rush, you name it, Pattaya has it.

Pattaya Beach is the city’s busiest and liveliest seaside, with shops and bars nearby. For a more seclusive experience, head north to Dong Tan Beach, or south to Jomtien.

To top it off, Koh Larn (Coral Island) is merely a short ferry ride away, blessed with heavenly beaches and the pick of Pattaya’s best water sports. Get to Koh Larn for an awesome day of parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing and more.

2. Explore Pattaya’s Floating Market

Pattaya’s Floating Market (Leo Fung)

Pattaya’s old-fashioned Four Regions Floating Market never fails to draw tourists to its intriguing river-based shops and eateries. This unique market is segregated into four sections – each representing and selling items from the four cardinal points of Thailand. These unique markets give visitors an insight into Pattaya’s everyday lifestyle, culture and cuisine.

Wander the marketplace — hop on a boat, banter with vendors, grab a bite or catch a show — after-all, how often do you get to revel in such an experience?

3. Swing From Tree To Tree On Flight of the Gibbon 

Flight of the Gibbon, Pattaya (Robert Trio)

Located halfway between Pattaya and Bangkok, Flight of the Gibbon is an adrenaline-fuelled rainforest adventure experience made for the bold. The activity is located on the edge of Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary, within Khao Kheow Open Safari Park. Imagine gliding on 3 kilometres worth of thrilling zip-lines, sky bridges and abseils in a forest.

Entry is inclusive of lunch, and served right after you’re done with your “Flight”. To complete your rainforest experience, how about hopping on a tram around Khao Kheow Open Safari Park? Not only will you get to observe wildlife up-close, a percentage of profits from the course goes to funding for environment conversation projects all over Thailand.

>> Experience Flight of The Gibbon with KKday.

4. Discover Wat Phra Yai 

Wat Phra Yai, Pattaya (jo cool)

Sitting atop Pratumnak Hill lies Wat Phra Yai, a temple home to the towering statue of Big Buddha. Standing at 18-metres high, the Buddha statue overlooks some of Pattaya’s most magnificent views. No wonder the grand golden statue wears such a big smile.

5. Enjoy the Pattaya Tiffany Cabaret Show

Pattaya Tiffany Cabaret Show (John Shedrick)

A visit to Pattaya wouldn’t be complete without catching one of city’s best transvestite shows. The Tiffany Cabaret is widely regarded as the best show in town and the origins first came from one man’s performance on New Year’s Eve in 1974. He must have been been pretty impressive as the show’s meteoric rise mirrored that of Pattaya.

>> Get cheaper tickets to the Pattaya Tiffany Cabaret Show here!

6. Explore the Sanctuary of Truth 

Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya

The spiky, imposing Sanctuary of Truth is made completely out of wood, and covered in hand-hewn carvings of Hindu and Buddhist deities. In fact, the four constructed wings are all dedicated to various Thai, Chinese, Indian and Khmer religious iconography.

This magnificent 105-meter tall structure overlooks the sea on the north Pattaya beachfront, and is, indeed, both a remarkable work of art and fascinating religious monument.

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